Overprinting is the process of printing additional elements on top of pre-printed stationery; this may include personalised text elements such as contact information, text copy, or company logos.

For overprinting we use laser printing or inkjetting; our black and white laser printers can create crisp high quality print on paper stock, and our inkjet machines are ideal for trickier coated stocks or poly outers.

Available Equipment

Inkjet Personalisation Facilities

1 x Buskro Atlas Inkjet
  •   High-resolution text, variable data, barcodes and graphics
1 x AMS X-Jet
  •   Up to 600dpi output, variable data, barcodes and graphics – coloured inks available

Mono Laser Personalisation Facilities

2 x Xerox Nuvera
  •   High volume black & white sheet fed laser printers.
  •   Simplex or Duplex.
  •   Max sheet size of 320mm x 470mm
  •   Max paper weight 250gsm

Envelope Printing

1 x Halm JP-TWOD-6D
  •   SuperJet perfecting envelope press
  •   Spot colour overprinting - prints 2 backing 1 common colours in one pass
  •   SuperJet perfecting envelope press
  •   Maximum sheet size 457mm x 325mm
  •   Maximum image area 457mm x 305mm
  •   Perfecting Area 230mm x 305mm
  •   Image area to all 4 edges if required
1 x Halm JP-TWOD-P
As above except:
  •   Maximum sheet size 230mm x 305mm
  •   Maximum image area 230mm x 305mm
  •   Perfecting area 108mm x 305mmm

Find out more

For more information about overprinting, or to obtain a quote, please call us on 01535 608405, visit our contact page, or use our direct chat feature to speak to one of our team.