Digital Print

Digital Print

We understand the power of direct mail and the control you can achieve with intelligent personalisation, now with digital printing we can create the ideal personalised solution in a single format.

Digital printing is the process of creating high quality laser printed media from a digital image source.

With digital printing you are not limited to lasering simple text personalisation in black and white; intelligent software allows us to print any text and/or images, in any fonts or styles, during the print run to create stunning mailing packs that are targeted at the individuals you want to reach.

To find out more about what Digital Print is about and what advantages it brings take a look at "What is Digital Print" on our Direct Mail Hub.


Managed Digital Service

Our staff have a wide range of experience when it comes to designing digital print mailings and we can help you create the perfect mail pack to impress your customers.

As data experts we can also help you get the best out of your customer or prospect data to make sure your digital pack hits the right targets.

DIY Direct Mail

With digital printing allowing such flexibility we have extended our digital services online with our flagship product: Hello Market.

Hello Market gives you everything you need to design, schedule, and send out engaging Dynamic Direct Mail campaigns whenever you want to whoever you want - all online; with Hello Market you have complete control over your mail pack including the format, copy, images, data, and mail dates, with access to online proofing tools, consumer data, and stock imagery.

Hello Market really is Your Personalised Mail Solution.

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Available Equipment

Colour Digital Facilities

2 x Xerox colour 1000 press
  •   Maximum sheet size 330x488mm
  •   Maximum image area 326x484mm
  •   Paper weights 55gsm to 350gsm

2 x Xerox DC5000 AP Full colour
  •   Maximum sheet size 320x488mm
  •   Maximum image area 316x480mm
  •   Paper weights 64gsm to 300gsm

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For more information about digital printing, or to obtain a quote for a digital job, please call us on 01535 608405, visit our contact page, or use our direct chat feature to speak to one of our team.