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While websites typically provide a wealth of information, some customers still prefer to read material in the form of brochures or catalogues.

By including contact details or a returnable request form with your advertising media, you can mail items in response to requests for more information about your products or service. This process is known as fulfilment.

Depending on your marketing channel, customers or potential customers can make requests in different ways:

  •  Print media – You may include a request form or coupon that can then be mailed back to you or a fulfilment provider. Relevant information is then manually entered into a computer system and used to create and/or mail out the pack or item.
  •  Telephone – Phone requests can be entered into a computer system or spreadsheet, either by a dedicated telephone sales company or an individual at your company. The resulting data file would then be sent on to the mailing house to fulfil the request.
  •  Website – Visitors can complete an online form to request your information pack/brochure. The information collected from the website would then be sent to the mailing house to fulfil the request.

How we can help

We have the technology and expertise to offer fast, accurate and cost-effective direct mail fulfilment. Our range of print solutions and flexible approach allows us to handle fulfilment requests of all scales.

  • ISO 27001 / 9001 accreditations for security and quality standards
  • We can receive daily transactional data from a variety of sources
  • Manual data capture options for capturing and fulfilling handwritten or printed response devices. All information entered twice (double captured) to ensure maximum accuracy.
  • Range of folding, finishing and enclosing options
  • Quality controlled hand-matching and barcode scanning
  • 24 hour data to mail turnaround (depending on volume)

We provide direct mail fulfilment for a variety of clients from a diverse range of industries and sectors. To discuss your specific requirements, get in touch and find out how we can help get your fulfilment service off the ground.