Door Drops

Door Drops

Unlike targeted mail, door drops involve delivery of non-addressed items to all properties in a defined geographical area. Door drops blanket the specified location and generate exposure for your business or organisation.

You can use door drop mailings to broadly identify areas based on:

  •  Distance – Specify properties within a defined radius of your target locations to encourage maximum foot traffic.
  •  Postcode – Identify a series of specific streets you would like to mail.
  •  Demographic – General information such as age, income or family composition can be used to find the type of people you’re looking to address.

Advantages of using a door drop?

  • Reach a broad range of prospects without duplication
  • Flexible geographic targeting
  • No data required
  • No GDPR considerations

How we can help

We offer a flexible service to help ensure your door drop campaign is a success.

  • Design – door drops offer a unique opportunity to create an immediate impression with recipients. Good design can form a fundamental part of an attention grabbing campaign. No artwork? No problem. Our in-house design team can work with you to create engaging imagery.
  • Print – with a range of print facilities on-site, we advise the most suitable and cost-effective methods to produce your door drop.
  • Mail – we handle the scheduling, logistics and timely distribution of your campaign

Want to get a little more specific?

Partially addressed mailings can be delivered to defined areas or postcodes using non-identifying geo-demographic information. Your target audience can be ‘topped up’ with extra addresses from customer rich areas and ‘lookalike’ addresses based on your existing customer information.

Furthermore, partially addressed mailings can include a generic promotional descriptor (The Occupier, Holiday Lover, Deal Seeker etc.) to promote engagement.

Partially addressed campaigns offer effective post-GDPR prospecting with greater cost and paper savings.