Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Unlike door drops, targeted direct mail campaigns are data driven and involve the delivery of addressed items to a clearly defined set of recipients. Targeted mail, also known as direct mail, allows you to communicate one on one with your customers, developing a connection through personalised messages and content.

Direct mail can be used to send a broad range of printed materials to customers and prospects including leaflets, letters, brochures, catalogues and postcards.

As targeted mail is data driven, a greater level of insight can be used to narrow the campaign audience and add personalised elements. The level of insight will depend on the data held and could range from the fairly generic: age, location, gender, to the granular: purchase history, previous donation value.

Direct Mail

Advantages of using targeted direct mail

  •   Data driven targeting means only relevant people are contacted, increasing response.
  •   Being able to include personalised elements increases engagement and response
  •   Builds confidence/credibility with your audience

How DMP can help

We've been processing, printing, and mailing quality direct mail for many years and our DM experts know exactly what elements you need to achieve your goals.

When it comes to managing projects smoothly we form a single brief, a single schedule and a single point of contact, for every single job.

We can guide you through the entire process: from creative and artwork to production, from data sourcing and selections to cleaning and processing, from proofs to approval; saving you money by recommending the best stocks, mailing services, and industry best practices.

Find out how to get from Quote to Mailing with DMP.

We know that sometimes direct mail can seem complicated, so we've created the Direct Mail Hub to answer all of your questions.

Direct Mail Formats

Alternatives to Targeted Mail

If you're prospecting for new customers and don't have access to data or you simply want to achieve a broader reach, a door drop campaign might be a useful alternative.

Door drops offer blanket delivery of non-addressed mail items across a loosely defined area without the need for data. Find out more.