Database Management

Database and List Management

DMP's servers, situated in our secure data centre, allow us to host databases of all sizes from hundreds of records to hundreds of millions.

We can take your flat file based data collections and convert them into smart, queryable, modern databases which you can use to power your business analysis and marketing.

Online Access

We allow end users secure access to their data across the internet using a bespoke Rapid Database Deployment Solution we created in house called Dimension.

Dimension allows you to capture, search and view your data records securely using your internet browser; we also provide many other powerful data tools such as remote data selection and download using Dimension's easy to use query builder.

We can also provide access to bespoke real time reporting which can give you a snapshot of your data at any time.

With a team of in-house software developers we can interface with any platform you require to retrieve or provide data safely and securely.

Find out more

For more information about how we can help you manage your data please call us on 01535 608405, visit our contact page, or use our direct chat feature to speak to one of our team.