Data Capturing

DMP have a dedicated data capture team who will make sure your collected information is keyed in quickly and accurately.

We use bespoke data capturing software which we can setup to include data entry validation, discrete data values, data quantisation, and double capturing; you can be condfident your information will be keyed in as provided. Data can then be supplied back to you in the format you request, or we can fulfill requests with personalised, printed mail packs.

Data Supply

We can supply data physically on CD, DVD, or memory stick; via email; via SFTP; via existing online APIs you have access to; or we can create a secure custom API for you to access the data from our systems.

Depending on your needs and available technology, we can supply data records as captured in real time or batched and delivered at scheduled times, be that hourly, daily, or upon completion of the current supply.

Find out more

For more information about our data capture facilities please contact us on 01535 608405 and speak to one of our team.