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DM Print Ltd Promotional Video
Iain Schofield / 9 September 19

Watch the latest promotional video from DM Print Ltd & learn more about all our services.

Direct Mailing House Customer Service, with Vanessa
Iain Schofield / 6 September 19

Recently, I sat down with sales manager Vanessa Kemp to discuss all things customer service. Listen now.

Sometimes, less is more.
Iain Schofield / 9 July 19

We look at the benefits of reducing your direct mail pack to a single printed item.

Reply Devices and Direct Mail
Iain Schofield / 28 March 19

If you want to increase engagement, including a reply device could be a masterstroke. But what are reply devices and what forms do they take?

The Power of Soft Touches
Iain Schofield / 13 February 19

Sometimes, it’s the soft touches that make the biggest impact.

N-up and imposition, what do they mean?
Iain Schofield / 12 February 19

Have you ever heard of imposition? I hadn’t. Printing, like all industries, comes with its own unique terminology to learn and concepts to understand.

The GDPR mind-set – A case study
Iain Schofield / 4 February 19

The GDPR has a wide scope of influence. The legislation is a mind-set that, once adopted, influences everyday life in ways you may not have considered.

5 ways to ensure you send direct mail, not junk mail
Iain Schofield / 22 January 19

Remember when junk mail filled your letterbox and not your inbox?

What are you looking for from direct mail?
Iain Schofield / 16 January 19

Are you looking to reach out to existing or potential customers? Direct mail could play a vital role in your marketing strategy.

What Makes a Great Headline
Iain Schofield / 16 January 19

Your headline will be the first thing a customer reads. Get it right, and your headline will encourage the reader to continue. Get it wrong, and you could end up straight in the bin.